Ghana Suicide Awareness

Ghana Suicide Awareness


Dr. Akwasi Osei, the Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Health Authority in Ghana, states that for every one reported case of suicide throughout the country, there are four unreported cases. This brings the number of unreported suicides in Ghana to a staggering 6,000 people annually.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that suicidal tendencies in Ghana start in adolescent years. Precursors of suicide can be attributed to the Ghanaian microsystem, such as family and school life. As with numerous developing countries, many of the children are living without basic necessities, forcing them to walk miles to school with no shoes, and arriving to class with uniforms that are ripped and torn. These circumstances lead to heavy psychological burdens on the children, already lacking a formal education and healthcare system.

REBORN and By The Numbers have partnered together with The Love Foundation to raise the necessary funds to provide 300 children in Accra, Ghana with school uniforms. This seemingly small act can give these children the necessary confidence to continue their studies and fuel the amazing potential every child in the world possesses.

With your purchase, 100% of all profits will benefit The Love Foundation, who will provide the uniforms to Ghanaians in need. Please visit the following links below for more information:

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